The Finance Department, is made up of professionals who hold degrees in Business Administration, Accounting, Mathematics and/or Economics.

The Department provides full financial support with general finances, payroll, accounting, taxes and contract enforcement. The qualified financial specialists audit company finances, and help to make corrections to business practices which help clients become profitable. The Finance Department has helped many existing clients by taking the financial burden out of their hands, and actually saving them money by suggesting more efficient ways of handling monetary matters. The accounting staff provides detailed weekly and monthly reports about project budgets, work in process, billings and A/R, staffing projections and company finances. The Finance Department also handles 100% of the banking relations including check writing, bank reconciliation and credit line maintenance.

In addition to monthly tasks, such as handling payroll, managing accounts receivable, and paying invoices, A/E Business, Inc. also helps its clients with tax preparation and collections.

Services provided:

  • General Accounting – Generation of financial statements
  • Payroll – Weekly timesheet collections and bi-weekly payroll
  • Accounts Payable – Weekly generation of checks and payments to vendors and consultants
  • Billing – Generation of monthly billing to clients
  • Project Management – Manage projects to make sure funds are readily available for design implementation, etc.
  • Contract Enforcement – Implementation of billing cycle once contract with client is drafted and signed
  • Line of Credit – Aid in securing a line of credit from the bank
  • Tax Preparation – Handle the administration of corporate tax returns and bring in private CPA firms to audit books and handle taxes
  • Collections – Pursue the collection of past due bills and unpaid invoices.


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